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The Pirates of Manhattan

Get behind the scenes of modern science and discover the people and financial institutions which control your financial life. Learn why you should invest in yourself and your loved ones first, and why the stock market and mutual funds are very dangerous to your financial health, but extremely profitable to The Pirates of Manhattan!

Learn why most of finance is rigged in favor of insiders in banking, Wall Street and mutual fund companies (The Pirates of Manhattan). In this new, deeply researched work, author Barry J. Dyke will bring transparency to the American economic system and outline why permanent life insurance should be a centerpiece of most Americans’ financial plans, instead of the stock market of a mutual fund.

The September 11 World Trade Center Victim Compensation Fund was the largest life insurance payment of all time.

The nation’s money center banks and corporations truly understand the value of permanent life insurance. They purchase so much permanent life insurance, banks could be considered life insurance companies unto themselves. Learn why the life insurance industry has unmatched stability and safety – which banks have never had. Discover why banks and corporations deposit so much of their own money with life insurance companies.

For the consumer, life insurance can become a rock solid chassis and ideal infrastructure to create your own finance company. Learn how to recapture and pocket all the interest you pay to banks and other financial institutions. Learn how permanent participating dividend paying life insurance can become the ultimate hedge against inflation. Learn how Walt Disney used life insurance to start his theme park business when everyone else turned him down. Learn why permanent life insurance performs more jobs than any other economic instrument, and how it can improve your financial life. Learn this and much, much more…

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