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Life Insurance is a better way to go…and here’s why.

You didn’t become successful by following the herd. And you shouldn’t necessarily automatically choose a 401(k) plan before you consider the advantages of a personal retirement program utilizing life insurance.

What is a personal retirement program and how can it be a better alternative to government-sponsored banking (your 401k?) Here’s why: it’s a smart way to grow your wealth virtually risk-free while possibly safeguarding it from lawsuits and creditors. Let’s take a side-by-side look:

401(k)Life Insurance

Tax Benefits

Tax-deferred growth and tax-deferred contributions

TAX-FREE growth and post-tax contributions

Contribution Limits


No limits

Control of Money

Little control

Total control

Management Fees

Fees incurred

No management or hidden fees

Rate of Return

Subject to market volatility

Guaranteed floor return and no market risk


Penalties charged

Total liquidity

Additional Options

Few options available

Tax-free transfer to heirs and tax advantages for business use


Unlike the 401(k), utilizing life insurance provides complete TAX-FREE growth if set up properly and handled right and it is free from market fluctuations. Your 401(k) only offers tax-deferred growth and is tied into market volatility with no guarantees.

Unlike the 401(k), utilizing life insurance gives you total control of your money. Your money is not tied into the value of shares or bonds so you can enjoy complete liquidity. You can borrow out dollars in your privatized banking account and use them for anything you want – other investments, home repairs, a new car, for example. Your 401(k) on the other hand, offers very little liquidity that isn’t tied in with penalties.

Unlike the 401k), utilizing life insurance sets you free from management fees and penalties. You get a multitude of tax advantages and tax-free transfers to your heirs with NO hidden fees, NO contribution levels, NO limits or penalties whatsoever. Enjoy secure, risk-free returns without the costs!

Sure, the 401(k) has its benefits – employer match, pre-tax dollars and others. However, if you compare it to life insurance, you’ll see why more and more business professionals are considering it the choice of the future.

Life insurance is a century-old process used to create wealth by the recapture of interest on loans. Speak to a Certified Financial Planner and expert retirement expert at (732) 212-5018 now.