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Save a Fortune on Your Estate Taxes

“My object in buying life insurance was to protect my estate from taxes, which could have eliminated as much as 55% of my assets. For my particular estate the least expensive way of paying these taxes is to have the insurance company provide these funds. I appreciate the assistance Barry Kaye Associates gave me with plan.”

Dick Clark, Chairman
Dick Clark Productions, Inc.

“Save A Fortune On Your Estate Taxes is a must on your reading list. It is the right advice at the right time.”

Samuel LeFrak, Chairman
LeFrak Organization, Inc.

“Rarely does the estate planning arena see true innovation. In Save A Fortune On Your Estate Taxes Mr. Kaye not only belies this tradition, he breaks new ground.”

Jenny Craig, President
Jenny Craig International

“Barry Kayle’s book makes a difficult subject understandable. It is a must read for anyone concerned with estate taxation and financial planning.”

Robert E. Petersen, Chairman
Petersen Publishing Company

“The Barry Kaye method of wealth creation and preservation is an absolute must for everyone who wants to protect their estate from the extreme losses of estate taxation!”

Rose and Reuben Mattus, Cofounders
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

“At last my financial goals for my family can all be realized. Save A Fortune On Your Estate Taxes showed me how I could achieve these objectives and still meet my ultimate tax liabilities.”

Arthur D. Leidesdorf, Former Managing Partner
S.D. Leidesdorf & Company now merged into Ernst and Young

“Barry Kaye is an estate planning wizard. His clearly described strategy to protect the rewards of a lifetime of work from the tax collector makes compelling reading for everyone.”

Senator John V. Tunney
Former United States Senator

“Much useful advice from a man who has so much useful advice to give.”

Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr. President and Editor-In-Chief
Forbes Magazine
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