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Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

You didn’t strike out on your own without a heavy dose of planning and foresight. You know that success is two-fold: taking care of those people who have shared your vision for helping the company grow and also managing the fruits of your own labor.

Our specialists can serve as your personal CFO. We can help you determine proven and time-tested ways to grow your retirement nest-egg without the volatility of the market. At the same time, we offer you vital protection to keep your company growing and your vision strong, even if you’re not there to spearhead it. We offer:

  • Retirement/tax planning: When it comes to retirement, many small businesses focus on one strategy – the 401(k). In reality, there are quite a few retirement options specifically designed for small businesses. We can help you identify plans that help cut your taxes and position you for a comfortable retirement.

  • Key man (key person) insurance: Building a successful business takes many years and much effort. We’ll help you make sure your years of hard work and substantial investment will not be lost if you unexpectedly die or suffer a disability.

  • Buy-sell agreements: A buy-sell agreement can ward off infighting by co-owners and family members in the event of your death, disability, divorce, bankruptcy, sale or retirement. Especially when insurance plays a key part, it can ensure there’s cash available when the time comes.

Consider this: a third of female business owners and a quarter of male business owners have not estimated how much they need for retirement, according to a study by The American College. And only 10% of women and 20% of men say they have a written plan for transitioning their business.

We specialize in working with small business owners and entrepreneurs and pointing the way to a successful future. We can help you manage the impact of inflation, medical expenses, longevity, asset management, long-term care and tax management. Call us today at (732) 212-5018 and let’s get started.