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Corporate Executive

With increasingly competitive benefits, complex compensation packages, and nearly unlimited wealth enhancement opportunities, you need to quickly identify and implement the ones that are right for you…and your company.

We offer years of experience and a proven track record in working with corporate executives including those from Fortune 500 companies, privately-held institutions, and a wide range of organizations. Many plans may be custom-tailored to meet your individual wealth management needs. We offer:

  • Executive deferred compensation plans let you circumvent the $22,000 cap that 401(k) savings plan imposes…saving you as much as 9 percent in future taxes.
  • Executive carve-out programs: Gain the ability to reward key highly-compensated individuals for the value they add to your organization.
  • Whole Life Insurance designed for Executives : The tax-deferred growth, coupled with the ability to create tax-free distributions in retirement, provide another good opportunity for supplementary retirement contributions.
  • Whole Life Insurance designed for Split Dollar is an institution-owned policy insuring you—the executive. At the time of death, the life insurance death proceeds are split between your estate and your company based on a pre-determined formula or stated dollar amount.

Using a consultative approach, we can work directly with you to analyze your benefits and compensation programs and your own wealth position. We’ll help you achieve both short- and long-term financial goals.